UPDATE: 29. 7. 2021

New arrivals yesterday 💖 Ginger finally had her babies 💕

UPDATE: 26. 8. 2021

Many of you are familiar with our momma kitty Ginger and her two kittens. Their story may seem sweet, but it has come with hardships along the way. 💔 The two healthy kittens you see in the photos now aren’t the only kittens Ginger gave birth to. She originally gave birth to a litter of four. Unfortunately, two of the kittens passed away because they were not born strong and healthy like their siblings. 💔 Kitten deaths, even in seemingly healthy and well-managed litters, are staggeringly common; it is highly unusual for all the kittens in a litter to survive to adulthood even in the best of circumstances. In Ginger’s kittens’ case, the odds were even further stacked against them – kitten mortality is much higher when the mother is as young as Ginger is. 😔 The fact that two of the babies survived and are thriving as well as they are is a miracle.

That being said, Ginger and her kittens were also extremely lucky. If they had been left on the streets, Ginger may not have had any kittens left to love. Between illness, predators, and other dangers like cars, Ginger’s kittens in the wild did not stand a chance. She was very lucky to have been rescued and ended up in a warm and safe place to give birth, raise her young family, and receive the medical care and support she and her kittens would need to thrive post-birth. 💕
Ginger and her kittens were lucky. Not all cats and kittens are. Many are forced to give birth year after year, watching their kittens die, suffering from and spreading illness, and falling victim to all the dangers outdoors. 💔 The best way to protect our kitty friends from suffering is to be responsible – support trap, neuter and release programs, spay and neuter your pets, and vaccinate your pets. This will help humanely decrease the overpopulation of cats we are currently faced with as well as protect the cats themselves, and make it easier for rescues to do their jobs and help save as many cats as possible. ❤️

UPDATE: 8. 9. 2021

Ginger’s kittens are now six weeks old and are growing like weeds 🥰
The ginger boy is now eating solid food, when Ginger doesn’t nab it all 🤦 The tortie girl still prefers to nurse but she will get there.
It’s time to give them names 😉 Nugget one and nugget two need to be changed on our shelter manager 😂

UPDATE: 12. 9. 2021

I woke up at 7am and heard a kitten crying. Jumped out of bed to find one of Gingers kittens limping 😢 Straight to the vet and they did an x-ray. He has a fracture 😭😭😭
He has been given pain meds and tomorrow we will find out when he will have surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts 🙏
We have named him Dexter and his sister DeeDee ❤️

UPDATE: 13. 9. 2021

Perhaps you saw our post yesterday about little Dexter’s fracture. The poor buddy was rushed to the vet yesterday morning, and it was found that he would need surgery to fix his injury. 💔 Luckily our incredible team of vets were on the case! 💕We got straight in touch with Dr. Kamil at Nusle clinic in Prague. Dr. Kamil is an incredibly talented orthopedic specialist, so he was the best person to handle Dexter’s care. Thankfully, Dr. Kamil was able to get Dexter in right away, and the surgery was successfully completed this afternoon! 🎉 We are so grateful to Dr. Kamil and his team at Nusle for getting Dexter fixed up and on the mend so quickly. ❤
Now Dexter is at home resting. He got some yummy dinner and is back snuggling with his attentive momma and sister! 🥰🐾Unfortunately, as with any vet treatment there is a bill. Dexter’s surgery came to a little over 4000 czk. He will also need a follow-up to see how the fracture is healing in about 6 weeks. If you would like to donate towards Dexter’s medical bills, you can contribute via our Darujme campaign (https://www.darujme.cz/projekt/1203323?locale=en), or to our transparent bank account (2201832152 / 2010). ❤❤
Thank you very much in advance for your support! 🥰 We appreciate it, and Dexter does too! 😻❤🐾

UPDATE: 3. 11. 2021

You may remember our little daredevil Dexter (pictured here with his sister DeeDee) and his fractured leg 😢
Last week, six weeks since his operation, we took him for an x-ray. Look how well it has healed ☺️☺️☺️ The first x-ray is from last week, the second from after the operation.
We would like to thank MVDr Kamil Schwetter at Veterinární klinika Nusle for operating on Dexter at short notice and for giving him the chance to have a normal kitten life 💕💕💕
Dexter and DeeDee are now in foster care in Prague and this wonderful pair will soon be ready for adoption ❤️ It feels like yesterday that they were born here at Cool Critters 🙂

UPDATE: 23. 11. 2021

Dexter and Deedee are looking for their forever home together!!

Dexter and Deedee are the most adorable kitty duo you could ever meet! Dexter is the little spunky ginger.😸 He LOVES adventures, playtime, and cuddles! He’s the type of kitty that will be bounding around the house keeping a smile on his peoples’ faces. Deedee is a little more lady-like, preferring to explore new situations a bit more calmly than her brother. She is still as playful and cuddly as ever though! She appreciates a good snuggle and is the perfect calm happy balance to her brother’s adventurous energy. 💕 Both kitties are very used to family routine thanks to their awesome foster parents! They even sleep at night snuggled together with their foster mom and dad. 😻
Dexter and Deedee are the only surviving members of their litter and are bonded from birth. They’ve been raised together and have a very deep love for each other that we would never want to separate, so they are looking for a family that would welcome them home together. ❤🥰
Dexter and Deedee are fully vaccinated, tested FIV/FeLV negative, and microchipped. They are very excited to meet their forever family! Could it be you? 😻 If you think Dexter and Deedee are the kitties to complete your family, please fill out our adoption application and send us a message for more info! ❤