Meet Philip J. Fry 😻😻😻
Who is ridiculously cute 😹
Found by one of our volunteers, he was hanging out with a colony of cats. We have checked for a microchip and searched Psi Detektiv and other lost cat pages. Nothing 😢
Full of fleas and terrible diarrhea, which have now been treated. We will get him neutered, vaccinated etc and find him a wonderful home 🥰

UPDATE: 10. 9. 2021

Philip J. Fry has been in quarantine in my kitchen for three weeks. He has been sharing the space with Fenia 😊
He was a little crazy the first couple of weeks. Probably his hormones adjusting after neuter and trying to decide if he was tame or wild 😹
Seems he has decided he is tame and the past two days Snoopinka has been sharing the kitchen with both of them. He doesn’t mind dogs either 🥰

HAPPY TAILS: 20. 12. 2021

💕🐾 Happy tails to Phillip J. Fry! 💕🐾
Happy tails to Phillip, a truly special kitty! Phillip came to us from one of our incredible volunteers/close friends. She was out on a walk with her dogs and had noticed Phillip in the area. She caught Phillip and brought him to us!❤ Phillip was so friendly, and we looked high and low for a family. Months passed and no one stepped forward to claim him, the fliers and social media posts going unanswered. Phillip went through the normal vet process, and finally it was clear he needed to find a new forever home!
So, the search began! Soon came along an eager candidate who wanted a playful friendly cat. Phillip certainly fit the bill! So off he went to foster trial. 😻
Of course, it was a good fit right away. 🥰 Phillip was home. 😻 Phillip now rules his new home, having the run of a flat and plenty of flatmates in addition to his new Mom to give him all the attention he desires. He plays, he snacks, and he basks in the love of his new home. We couldn’t be happier for him! 🥰🐾
Happy tails, sweet Phillip! We wish you all the best in your new home! ❤🐾