Driving out here in the countryside you get used to checking the sides of the road for ‘eyes’ and creatures. Especially at twilight. Deer, cats, foxes and even the odd wild boar 🐗
Sunday morning I collected Raquel and Sebastian from the train station. When turning a corner in one of the villages there was what looked at first like a black bin bag or piece of discarded clothing. It soon became apparent that it was a kitten lying there in the gutter 😢 To be honest it looked as though it was dead, maybe hit by a car.
We stopped to move it and an ear moved …. Time to get into rescue mode! The poor little fella was skin and bones, sore eyes and full of cold. Almost exactly the same as Little Boy Blue was found a couple of weeks back.
He was taken to the vet, tested for Panleukopenia, antibiotics given and he is now recovering and getting better daily 🙏 Sweet William, you are safe with us ❤️

UPDATE: 5. 10. 2021

William has gone to his new foster home with Fernanda 💕 He’s a confident and loving little boy who couldn’t be with the other kittens, as he isn’t vaccinated yet. It was sad seeing him alone in a room, he needed humans to cuddle and after just one day he has won their hearts 🥰 And he found the laptop 🤣

UPDATE: 5. 12. 2021


William is a heart-stealer, and the moment you meet him you’ll see why. This tiny Casanova panther is on the prowl for a human to love, and boy is he good at winning over hearts! 😻
As cuddly as can be, William has maximum purr power that will enchant you. He always knows how to bring a smile to your face, even on the gloomiest of days. 🥰 He just radiates love and happiness – and if you know his backstory that fact is even more touching.

If you are looking for a Casanova kitty, consider giving William the chance to steal your heart. ❤ With his endless love and gratitude he is sure to be the sunshine in your heart! 😻 ☀️ If you’d like to meet William, please fill in our adoption application (link here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYLpyQQv_1AUq8xlLVDt4eIefzAKQNGnWeldJPkNEJ3wq74A/viewform) and send us an email for more info.

William cannot wait to meet you! 🥰

HAPPY TAILS: 16. 1. 2022

Happy Tails to our sweet William who was ‘delightfully’ a foster fail 😉😉 🐾❤️🐾
William was found by me, Jaq, at the side of the road when I was collecting Raquel and Sebastian from the train station. As we turned a corner I saw a little black puddle at the side of the road and my first thought was that he had been hit by a car. When I approached him, he barely lifted his head and I saw right away he was very poorly.
Operation rescue the kitten started and we took him home and started treating him right away. Luckily for William he made a full recovery 🙏
From the very start William was an affectionate little kitty. He was the star of our open day and everyone fell in love with him 💖
William was sent to foster with our wonderful foster family, Fernanda, Sebastian and their lovely mum. When it came for the time for William to be adopted, they couldn’t let him go. William was already home ❤️❤️❤️
Have a wonderful life sweet William 💖