Meet Licorice, the cutest little cat calling out to anyone who has a kitty-sized hole in their family that they are looking to fill. 😻❤
Licorice has been a big personality at the sanctuary from the get-go. Nicknamed the little monkey, this buddy spent his quarantine period climbing everything he could, chasing toys, and trying to escape to explore everything he could. 🙈 When he was given a clean bill of health and released to foster, he couldn’t have been more excited. If Licorice could choose a motto, it would probably be something like “The world is my oyster!” He is ready to get out there and be one happy cat! ❤🐾
True to this calling, Licorice highly enjoyed exploring his new foster home. Having settled in, he made the place his own. He is quick to play with new toys, quick to investigate new things, and of course quick to cling to new people! 😸Licorice takes any situation and makes it a good one. His goofy and happy-go-lucky demeanor means hours of giggles at his wacky antics and hours of snuggles with this master of heart-stealing. 😻
As Licorice is such a cool character, he could adapt in many new situations. He would love a fun-loving family who can’t wait to have a silly kitty join their already joyous crew. 🥰
Do you think Licorice is the kitty to complete your family? If so, please fill out an adoption application (found in the ‘about’ section of our Facebook page) and send us a DM for more info. Licorice can’t wait to meet you! 😸🐾