😻🐾 Phoebe and Fíďa are looking for their forever home!!! 😻🐾
Phoebe and Fíďa are a dynamic duo who are ready to find their forever family or families. 🐾These two sweet buddies are unique personalities that will bring joy to any home. 🥰
Fíďa is the chill guy of the duo. 😎 He is easy-going and adjusts well to any situation. He loves people, he loves other kitties, and he loves to play with his sister! Fíďa is especially fond of people, however – he loves a good cuddle, and his favorite place for a nap is on his human’s chest! 😴 He is the perfect snuggle buddy. 🥰
Phoebe is a high-energy kitty who is a bit more cautious in new situations than her brother. She adores people of course, but needs some extra time to get used to new furry friends. Her brother is her best buddy, though. She could play with him for hours! 😸 Beyond loving play time, Phoebe’s second great love is food. She can’t get enough of her crunchies and snacks! 😻
Together these two sweet cats have a great dynamic. ❤ They play off each other’s personalities and bring so much joy. 🥰 We would love for them to find a forever home together if possible, but we will also consider adopting them out separately (especially to homes with other cats). Phoebe in particular, if not with her brother, would benefit from having a kitty companion with whom to play and work off her energy. 🐾 Whether together or alone, these two are shining stars that will absolutely become the light of your life!
If you think Phoebe and Fíďa could be the newest members of your family, then please fill out an adoption application (found in the ‘About’ section of our Facebook page) and send us a DM for more information. This dynamic kitty duo cannot wait to meet you! 🥰😻

UPDATE: 1. 3. 2022

Last week Fid’a and Phoebe’s fosters contacted us to say they were worried about Fid’a. He wasn’t as active as normal and was only picking at his food. We took him immediately to the vet where we received some bad news 😥
Our little fighter Fid’a has entered another battle: This little Panleuk survivor was diagnosed with FIP 😭😭
FIP is a very dangerous, but also relatively less common, illness. It is caused by a mutation of the feline coronavirus, which is a gastrointestinal virus that a large portion of the cat population carries. Generally it never causes any problems, but in some unique cases it can mutate causing the severe FIP infection.
Fid’a has a long road ahead of him. He is at home in foster care receiving a lot of TLC so that he has a reason to keep fighting. He is receiving supportive care, and will continue to receive this care, as well as have regular checks of how his organs are dealing with the virus for the next three months. The constant internal checks and liver medicine are incredibly expensive, but Fid’a is a fighter and he deserves every chance to live. We will stand by him and fight for him so he can finally be healthy and get the forever home he deserves.
If you would like to help Fid’a, any donation towards his veterinary bills would be much appreciated. Please keep him in your thoughts and send healing wishes his way. 🙏🙏🙏