‼️ Looking for a foster home for Muttley ‼️

We are looking for a temporary/foster home for Muttley. Just over a year old, 10.5kg, very loving and affectionate.
Muttley has been here almost a month and then out of the blue at the weekend he had a seizure 😢 It could have been a reaction to the worming tablet he had two days prior, it could have been low blood sugar as they were fed later than normal. For now we are considering epilepsy and he would be better off in an environment where he can be monitored all the time.
We need someone who works from home, someone who can monitor him and not be afraid to act quickly if he has another one. This involves squirting a rectal tube of Diazepam up his butt. If it is epilepsy we can easily manage it with daily medication.
If you think you fit our criteria, please send us a message or email. We will provide you with everything he needs. Thank you 🙏