Last week we took in a kitten with terrible eyes. He was very thin, he wasn’t eating. His nose was so blocked he couldn’t smell his food. He was a complete mess 😭
He was fed by syringe until was able to eat out of a bowl. His eyes were cleaned 4/5 times a day and dropped with eye drops. His nose and face cleaned so he could breath easier.
Up until yesterday I was still worried that he would lose his sight. And then today, we have eyeballs 👀 😍
He’s eating well and now on the road to recovery 😻
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UPDATE: 28. 8. 2021

Little Boy Blue 😻😻😻
As you can see one eye is completely better, the other has a little more healing to do. He’s gaining weight and is very cuddly 💖
He was a lucky kitty. If Martina hadn’t found him in the middle of nowhere on the road, he wouldn’t have survived 😢 We really didn’t have much hope that we would save his sight. We like to be proved wrong 🙂

HAPPY TAILS: 15. 2. 2022

Happy Tails to Little Boy Blue who found his forever home with Arm 🐾❤️🐾
Found in the middle of a road with his eyes crusted shut, he didn’t have a very good start to life 😟 We honestly thought he would lose his eyesight but we managed to nurse him back to health 💪
He went to his new home and he keeps his owner on her toes, she has taught him fetch (video in the comments) and is an extremely loving boy. We do love a happy ending ❤️❤️❤️
Have a wonderful life sweet boy 😘