💕🐾 Meet Nutmeg, who is looking for his forever home! 💕🐾
Little Nutmeg was once a shy kitten, unsure of humans or the whole ‘being a house cat’ thing. Then he went to foster with Yumi and her dynamic kitty duo, and boy did his mind change! 😻 It didn’t take long for Nutmeg to pick up some new cat tricks from his foster siblings, and the love of his foster parents won him over too. 🥰 Now Nutmeg rules the roost, and he can’t wait to find a forever kingdom to call his own! 👑
Nutmeg is a pretty cool cat – He enjoys zooming around the house with his kitty buddies, playing with toys, and chowing down on good quality kitty food and snacks. He has a taste for comfort, and his love language is definitely cuddles. Once you turn on the purr button he doesn’t stop! 🐾❤
Nutmeg is looking for a person (or persons) who can provide him with the proper amount of cuddles. He is very serious about his cuddles. He also would appreciate someone with a good taste in snacks to share his love of food with. If you have a good sense of humor and enjoy playtime as well, he’d be head over heels for you! 😸❤️
Nutmeg would also be pleased with sharing his new castle with other kitty friends. This isn’t a must for him, but a cat sibling or two certainly isn’t a deal breaker! 🐾
Nutmeg is anxiously awaiting all of the applicants he is sure will pour in once the public sees his cute little face. He can’t wait to meet the candidates and find his forever family. Could it be you?? ❤️
If you think Nutmeg would be the perfect kitty to join your family, then please fill out an adoption application (found in the ‘about’ section of our Facebook page) and send us a DM for more info. Nutmeg is expecting your message! 😻

HAPPY TAILS: 22. 2. 2022

🐾😻 Happy tails to lucky little Nutmeg!!! 🐾😻
Nutmeg has found his forever home with his incredible new parents Ioanna and Karim. Ioanna is no stranger to the Cool Critters community, she is a lovely and creative soul who used her artistic skills to come up with a cool way to raise money for our rescue (and many other rescues in the community!). We already knew that she is a great cat mom, so were so excited to hear she and Karim were interested in making Nutmeg the newest member of their family! 🥰
Nutmeg is a special kitty, he is cautious at first around new people so needed someone that would be understanding and wait for him to open up to them. This is exactly what happened, and both Nutmeg and his new parents were smitten. ❤
Fast forward to now and Nutmeg is happily settled into his new home. He is fully out of his shell, spending his days playing with his new kitty sibling, Kit, and being just too cute with his adoring new parents. 🥰😸
Nutmeg has been one lucky guy, going from an incredible foster home with the super foster parents Yumi and Bohdan to an incredible forever home with Ioanna and Karim. 🥰 We wish Nutmeg and his family all the best in his new life, we know this lucky little fellow will continue to be loved and spoiled and bring lots of joy to his family! 🥰😻🐾