This sweet kitty is Ralph, an incredible soul whose life was cut much too short. 💔
Ralph was a very new member of the Cool Critters family, having spent his early days with the incredible cat mom and rescuer Martina. From the get-go, Ralph had troubles. He suffered from panleukopenia, and it was discovered that he had something strange going on with his skin. In the end he was diagnosed with a severe form of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Feline cutaneous asthenia). 😢
EDS is a rare genetic condition that is characterized by collagen deficiency. This causes overly elastic and fragile skin and ligaments. The disorder is a spectrum, so symptom severity manifests individually.
Sweet Ralph had a very severe manifestation of symptoms. His skin was so fragile that it tore with a touch. Ralph was in a lot of pain because of this condition. It is not curable, and while the symptoms can be manageable, Ralph’s case was so severe that it greatly impacted his quality of life. Because of this, he crossed the rainbow bridge today. 🌈 💔
Ralph’s short life was filled with love and care. We wish so much that he could be here with us, but take comfort in knowing that he is no longer in pain.
EDS is a genetic disorder that affects both humans and cats. We encourage you to read more about the syndrome, and consider supporting research for treatment and a cure.
Rest In Peace sweet Ralph, you are loved and will not be forgotten. 🌈 ❤