Say hello to Chewie!
Chewie is one of our Ukrainian dogs that came with Lucky and Victory. This little charming man is very cuddly and really wants human attention❤️
We took him today for another check up to vet and as he is healthy he got his first vaccination and his first very own passport🥰🥳
By Thursday next week he will be out of quarantine and ready to go to foster care. He is a great dog, but he comes with a few quirks.
Chewie came with no tail, we have no information about his past, the only thing we know now is that he is aggressively chasing his imaginary tail especially during food time. Our vet thinks it is an impulsive behavior disorder, also known as OCD.
This is the reason why he can´t be with another dog, because whenever he starts to chase his tail the other dogs would attack him for it. So Chewie needs a single foster home.
Apart from his OCD he is a brilliant dog❤️
Just look at this loving eyes, all he wants is human attention❤️
So if anyone would like to foster this guy, please fill out a foster application and send us a message 🙏
The foster application can be found here: