14. 3. 2022

Hello everyone 😘
our latest rescues from the Ukraine are settling in well apart from our poor blind baby. Victory is still very lethargic and now on the way to the vet. We will keep you updated an please send her some good vibes 🙏🙏She is such a good and brave girl!!
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15. 3. 2022

Victory puppdate 🐾
Victory was rescued from a siege, transported from Dnipro in Ukraine, then to Poland and then on to us. Victory wouldn’t eat or drink, only sleep and was totally shut down.
We took her to the vet where they took blood for a complete blood panel. She was hospitalized at the vet for fluids and as soon as we have any news we will let you know. Victory is old, her poor body is weak. We are going to visit her today and hope that she will feel much better 🙏
Victory came so far and we will do everything in our power to save this girl 💪❤️

20. 3. 2022

Victory puppdate🐾
Two days ago Victory was still not eating and feeling really awful, so we actually started to prepare for the worst… but then the vet contacted us “I have good news about Victory. The x-ray was quite good – no signs of dirofilaria on the heart – and she started to eat” 🥳🥳🥰🤗
We are so incredibly happy about this great news, because now it looks like that she does not have heartworms as initially suspected! Our vet will still keep her in the clinic for observation to make sure she is recovering properly🧐
Thanks to everyone who is supporting Victory, she really seems to live up to her name ❤️❤️

26. 3. 2022

Victory puppdate !!
This week Victory visited MVDr. Jiří Beránek, who is regarded as the top opthalmic vet in Czech Republic. One eye is totally blind and the other has very high pressure which is very painful for this old lady. Three eye drops were prescribed and she will have another check in two weeks.
Meanwhile, she continues to eat well, especially enjoying her dried meat treats and today she enjoyed some sunshine 🥰☀️🥰 ☀️

7. 4. 2022

Victory puppdate !!
Yesterday we were with Victory at the check up for her eyes and also she has improved incredibly❤️ At the last measurement her eye pressure was 67 and has now decreased to 31. That number is still high but the improvement is just amazing and we are working on reducing the eye pressure further💪 It’s just nice to see Victory getting healthier and happier every day🥰