24. 3. 2022

Yesterday´s surgery went well👩‍⚕️
Hope is one of the Ukrainian dogs (the others are Victory, Lucky and Chewie) we rescued some time ago.
Hope suffered from a broken leg and had surgery before she came to us to place a metal pin, to make sure the bone connected correctly. When she first arrived she had a temperature of 40C, and our vet did an x-ray and found that the pin was poking out from the leg, causing inflammation and pain. Antibiotics were administered and we contacted our orthopedic vet to ask for the metal pin to be removed.
We also found a lump on her underside, so we asked the vet to take a look and luckily it was a hernia. So yesterday she had surgery for both and is now recovering nicely in the kitchen with Kitty🐱
Hope is a very sweet and gentle soul. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her🥰
Please keep your fingers crossed that Hope makes a full recovery soon 🤞❤️