🐾😻MILO is looking for his forever home!! 🐾😻

Milo is 10 months old, microchipped, castrated and fully vaccinated.
Milo is an energetic and curious young cat. He is active most of the day and part of the night as well. He enjoys sitting by the window and watching birds or people outside. He is the sweetest guy and very affectionate towards people.
Also, if you are just resting, he will touch you with his paws to continue cuddling him. He never has enough😽
He is interested in anything you are doing, and I mean anything: dressing, working, watching TV, cooking, taking a shower, cleaning… he is here to “help”. He will follow you around the house to make sure everything is properly done. Whatever you have in your hands, he will never miss a chance to play with it. Charger, phone, socks, joystick, spoon, shoes, mop, paper… you name it… everything is for him🐾
As a proper cat, he loves eating and always asks for food. He prefers wet food over dry food, but he is not too picky when it comes to treats – he likes everything. One thing he hates is chicken, so there is no need to prepare this for him. He will not eat it at all.
He does not like to be alone so he will follow you wherever you go. He never lived with another animal but is totally good with cat-friendly dogs. When it comes to bugs, he is good hunter, so no need to get rid of them, just call Milo.
What can you expect?
• Fearless and highly adjustable cat to any environment.
• A lot of head bumps and cuddling, purring included.
• Playtime – Hours of playing and running as he has his favorite toy mouse which needs to be renewed regularly.
• Warm scarf – his favorite spot to rest is the human neck.
• TV time buddy – He also likes to watch cat TV and listen to cat music. Sometimes he attacks the laptop or TV as he is too excited to see other cats or birds on the screen.
• Cleaning supervisor – he will navigate your Roomba to find all the right spots to clean.
• 2 in 1 Cat/Dog? – you always wanted to have a cat/dog? Milo is perfect dog type of cat. He does tricks (sit, give paw, touch on request…), comes when you call him, follows you around, plays fetch, and listens to you – he knows that no means no.
One thing is guaranteed, you will never be lonely or bored again. He will cheer you up and put a smile on your face whenever you come home. 😽
If you think Milo could be your new roommate, then please fill out an adoption application (found in the ‘About’ section of our Facebook page) and send us a DM for more information! 🐾😻