FINCH is looking for his forever home!!

Meet Finch, male, 2 year old, Labrador mix, medium size. He is vaccinated, dewormed, Advocate treated and microchipped. He still needs to be castrated, which costs we will cover.
Finch is a very social and all day happy boy 🥰 He is very good with all dogs in our sanctuary. He is a total non-conflict dog. The only time Finch gets upset is, when some other dog tries to steal his toy🐾 Finch loves people and he also very good with kids.
Finch hat looots of energy, therefore we are looking for active future owners. This dog would make a perfect running and outdoor partner!! He loves to play fetch all day. Finch is a food monster, he could eat all day.
One of our regular volunteers took him for a hike and says: “He’s a blast to hang out with. Just so happy. And the adopter MUST buy him one of those chuckit orange balls. He loved chewing on it. “.
If you can imagine being the right match for Finch, then hurry up and contact us!! ❤🐾🥰
The conditions of adoption are signing an adoption contract, which includes to pay an adoption donation. Message us on facebook and complete an adoption application (which can be found in our ‘About’ section or on our webpage).
In our current situation we can only answer your request via fb Messenger and due to the Covid restrictions you need to schedule an appointment with us for visiting. Thank you for your understanding.

HAPPY TAILS: 27. 6. 2022

Happy Tails to Finch who found his forever home with Martin🐾❤️🐾
When Finch came to us we had big doubts that he would ever get adopted. Don´t get us wrong, Finch is an amazing dog smart and absolutely sweet, but this dog has so much energy, not even a whole day hike would have ever powered him out. Well, it seems like there is a right lid for every pot. Martin was looking for a really active dog and he came to visit Finch. Martin´s last update was, that Finch is active, but not as much as he thought and he loves him! Finch is doing great in his apartment, he listens to commands, he is friendly with all dogs and he now spends weekends trailing and sleeping in the woods.
Have a wonderful life sweet boy you could not have found a better home ❤️