24. 3. 2022

Yesterday´s surgery went well👩‍⚕️
Hope is one of the Ukrainian dogs (the others are Victory, Lucky and Chewie) we rescued some time ago.
Hope suffered from a broken leg and had surgery before she came to us to place a metal pin, to make sure the bone connected correctly. When she first arrived she had a temperature of 40C, and our vet did an x-ray and found that the pin was poking out from the leg, causing inflammation and pain. Antibiotics were administered and we contacted our orthopedic vet to ask for the metal pin to be removed.
We also found a lump on her underside, so we asked the vet to take a look and luckily it was a hernia. So yesterday she had surgery for both and is now recovering nicely in the kitchen with Kitty🐱
Hope is a very sweet and gentle soul. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her🥰
Please keep your fingers crossed that Hope makes a full recovery soon 🤞❤️

UPDATE: 20. 6. 2022

is sending greetings from her foster home where she is so loved and cared for🏡
This gentle and sweet girl is enjoying the city life and parks. Visiting cafes and restaurants, getting so many yummy treats, cuddles and LOVE 🥰
Day by day she’s getting more and more confident with the help of one of our volunteers who’s currently fostering her.
Such a lucky and happy girl !

HAPPY TAILS: 13. 7. 2022

Happy Tails Hope who found her forever home with Whitney🐾❤️🐾
Wasn’t there already a happy tail about Hope, yes there was. Sometimes the dogs change their minds and what can we do about it, absolutely nothing.🙂
Hope was happy with Zuzana in her last home but unfortunately she couldn’t really make friends with her husband.
Whitney, a loyal volunteer of ours who comes to Kadlin almost every weekend to give our dogs the pleasure of long walks and hikes, jumped in at short notice to offer Hope a foster home. It quickly became clear that Hope would not move out of there so quickly🙂 Long story short… Hope simply loves Whitney and we think these two have a connection that is rare in life❤️ Whitney is so proud of her little girl, Hope is doing so well in the city and she is receiving lots of compliments how well behaved she is!
Hope, you will certainly have a wonderful life sweet girl❤️