28. 2. 2022

Little Sonic came to us some weeks ago and he was painfully thin. Every time we fed him he would eat so fast as though he hadn’t been fed for such a long time ☹️
We started to feed him little and often and he still didn’t gain weight. A visit to the vet and a full blood panel didn’t reveal anything. His urine sample showed some crystals and both the blood and the urine was sent to the laboratory for investigation. We are awaiting the results.
Today Sonic had a bath because the little stinker had rolled in poop 😂 He doesn’t look very impressed with us! But we are happy that he smells much better 😊💞👍

25. 3. 2022

🐾🩺 Sweet boy Sonic is looking for a medical foster family!! 🐾🩺
Our awesome buddy Sonic is looking for a loving family to foster him while he awaits results of blood tests. ❤ Sonic is an incredible dog, but from the moment he arrived we knew something was off. This dog can eat and eat and eat – but he never gains weight! Investigations have been ongoing to see what the underlying issue is, but the most recent test for one suspected culprit – Cushing’s Syndrome – has come back inconclusive. He now needs to be on medication and have his food intake regulated for the next 3 to 4 months, after which another blood panel will be run to officially see if we can get a diagnosis or rule Cushing’s out.
About Sonic himself – Well, simply put he’s a great dog! 🥰 Sonic is a massive fan of people, he LOVES attention. He also gets on super well with other dogs, and even cats! 😻 Sonic can get excited when he meets people, and ‘leaks’ a little bit of pee as a result. That’s pretty much his only ‘flaw.’ Sonic would be happy in pretty much any home that is able to help him out with his medication and diet. ❤🐾
A foster home for Sonic would primarily need to be able to stick to his medication schedule and maintain a tightly controlled diet for Sonic. Otherwise he is happy in any home – he loves people of all ages and wouldn’t mind having another doggy or kitty pal to be buddies with. He would also be fine as an only pet, he’s happy anywhere he can get love! 🥰🐾
If you would like to foster Sonic, please fill out our foster application at https://forms.gle/HN28b4GCJnCbvbiaA, and send us a DM so we can discuss further details. Thank you in advance! ❤🐾

HAPPY TAILS: 13. 7. 2022

Happy Tails to Sonic who found his forever home with Audrey and her wonderful family🐾❤️🐾
So if that isn’t an exciting adoption week… and now all about Sonic🙂 Most of you might still remember how Sonic looked when he first came to us, the poor guy was only skin and bones. For a long time we weren’t sure if we could ever nurse him back to health because although he ate and ate he did not gain an single gram here. He was really lucky when Audrey came along and offered to foster him. After only a few weeks this little boy gained 2 kg❤️
Audrey did such a wonderful job in nursing him back to health, but of course every story has a catch… as Sonic regained his strength, also his self-confidence grew, so some trouble with the three other dogs had to occur🐾Luckily Audrey really wanted to make this work and with some help from Tanja all four boys are slowly starting to form a pack. Of course it’s not always puppies and kittens, but Audrey keeps working on it.
Have a wonderful life sweet Sonic❤️