Meet Tiggs 💕
Tiggs has been with us for almost four months and during that time we have been trying to cure his poop situation. He hasn’t had a firm poop since he came to us 😢
He’s has antibiotics, different medicines, probiotics and numerous tests. We decided to take him to a gastroenterologist for further investigation. Basically, Tiggs has a problem with no flora in his lower intestine. He’s been prescribed two drugs and today for the first time he has a partial formed poop 💩 💪 Go Tiggs 💖
Hopefully this will resolve his problems and we can finally get him vaccinated and on his way to adoption ❤️

HAPPY TAILS: 15. 8. 2022

Happy Tails to Tiggs who found his home with his foster family and will eventually become a citizen of the USA ❤️😻❤️
Tiggs was one of our longer term residents as he had terrible diarrhea for weeks, months on end We tried everything! And in the end the only way to solve it was through a fecal transplant. We are delighted to say, it worked 💪
Virginia and Cory, long time fosters of ours took Tiggs into their hearts and at Easter their mom came to visit and just fell in love with him. Their plan would be to take him with back with them to the US this summer so he can become a US citizen.
So traveling with Tiggs this summer proved very difficult, there were lots of restrictions. Tiggs will go to the States later this year and will stay with Virginia and Cory until then 😻
Virginia says “I am so thankful that he came into our lives after we lost Ziti, he has been an incredible companion and we love him so much!!”
Have a wonderful life sweet boy ❤️