Take one scruffy dog, take her to Adel at Psí salon Megi and let her wave her magic wand …
Well, it was a lot more work than this 😉 but, you get what we mean 🥰
Gina had a full makeover today and smells amazing. Little Gina has to have hip surgery and we wanted to send her to her foster home all sparkly ✨✨
Thank you Adel for all you do for our dogs 💕💕

UPDATE: 7. 7. 2022

When little Gina came to us it was apparent that she had a problem using one of her back legs, she held it up constantly. A visit to our orthopedic surgeon revealed that her hip was out of place and he was confident that he could perform the surgery and that Gina would be pain free and able to walk normally again.

Gina went to foster care so that she could recover in a quiet place. The surgery, femoral head resection, has been successfully completed and Gina must rest for ten days and it will take another month before she will have full use of her leg. The cost of this operation was 9 400 CZK. If you could help us to patch this hole in our budget, we would be very grateful. Especially Gina 🙂 She can’t wait to run and play like other dogs.


HAPPY TAILS: 16. 8. 2022

Happy Tails to Gina who found her forever home with Eva and her boyfriend🐾❤️🐾
When Gina came to us she was really poorly, her fur and her back leg were in a very bad condition, she was limping a lot. First thing we did we made an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. The bad news were that Gina needed a hip surgery but the good news were that Eva and her boyfriend came for an adoption visit. We introduced them to Gina, because we had a feeling that she could be the right dog for them. Eva and her boyfriend were looking for a bigger dog at that time, but agreed to foster Gina to she can recover in their home after her operation.
Gina settled in well and became really attached to Eva. Thanks to them Gina´s recovery went really well and she is all healthy now. We still had quite a feeling that Eva would like to adopt Gina, but Eva denied and agreed to meet potential adopters. We found a girl who fell in love with Gina and was ready to take her home. Once the adoption was basically finalized Eva changed her mind and wanted to adopt Gina 🙂
What do you do in such a tricky situation? Yes, you decide what is best for the animal!
We agreed that Eva was the one who could adopt Gina, but at this point we also have to mention that the girl, who already believed in adopting Gina, brought an incredible amount of understanding with her and ultimately only wanted the best for Gina. We spoke to her several times, but she said that the connection between Gina and Eva was magical. Another foster fail❤️
Have a wonderful life sweet girl, you have a great home now❤️