Happy Tails to Leon, now Cashew, who found his forever home with Ondřej🐾❤️🐾
When Leon came to us he was really poorly, he was very skinny and he had a terrible cough. We weren´t sure if everything is ok with this little guy, but the vet assured us that Leon will be healthy in no time and so it was. Leon got better day by day and with that he became more and more cheeky as he started running around wildly with the other puppies in our garden.
One day Ondřej and his girlfriend came to visit us, sadly they have lost their dog and were on the search for a new furry companion. Ondřej absolutely fell in love with Leon, but his girlfriend overwhelmed by her feelings of grief was not quite ready yet to adopt, so we agreed to they can foster Leon first. Not long after that Ondřej contacted to us to tell us the good news, that they can´t wait any longer and that they want to adopt him! Leon is now called Cashew and they love him very much.
Have a wonderful life sweet boy❤️