Happy Tails to Lola who found her forever home with Helena and her family🐾❤️🐾
Lola was in the second big group of dogs that were rescued shortly after the war started. She shared her kennel with Freda, Brownie and Cora. So far only Freda was one of the lucky ones that had found a home, Cora and Brownie were still way too shy at that time and they are still here with us.
Lola was right from the start a super charming and sweet girl. She was also very pretty, but still at times a bit shy around new people. When Helena came with her daughter Mariana to visit our sanctuary they fell in love with Lola and Lola did like them a lot too. So we agreed on foster care. Lola is doing amazing in the city and she goes on a lot of trips to the countryside. These kind people taught her how to walk on a leash, they house trained her, told her if possible to not chew on everything and now Lola is a good dog in the flat🙂 The family loves Lola a lot and they absolutely adore her. Not once did they doubt that they would adopt Lola.
What a wonderful home you found sweet girl❤️