Přijata do azylu: 30.7.2022
Původ: nalezena v Rumunsku
Váha: 7.5 kg

Tina trpí epilepsií, její záchvaty jsou časté a velmi vážné, snaha stabilizovat ji pomocí léků zatím není příliš úspěšná.

Tina se nachází v dlouhodobé dočasné péči, kde mají zkušenosti s péčí o psy s epilepsií.


Entered shelter: 30.7.2022
Origin: found in Romania
Weight: 7.5 kg

Tina urgently needs foster care‼️🙏
Our sweet little Tina is doing much better, but at times she is still quite poorly and a few days ago we had to again rush her to the vet. Our amazing Dr. Klara took Tina even home with her and noticed that she had a seizure. We will soon run more tests, but what she dearly needs right now is the safe space of a home and one on one care❤️ Cool Critters will pay all the vet bills and she might need the vet care every two or three weeks once apart from emergencies. Our vet is based in Nusle.
Tina is an amazing little doggie, she is absolute non conflict and super calm. She is good with all dogs and she loves human attention and cuddles. What she enjoys the most is to fall asleep in your arms.
So if there is anyone out there who can give this dear little soul shelter and most importantly love to heal, please message us🙏
We need someone that can monitor her basically all day, so if someone works from home, that would be ideal for her. Tina needs a calm place where she can rest a lot and we need somebody that can bring her to our vets whenever it is needed🙏
Please, please, please… Tina needs your help!!

UPDATE: 7. 9. 2022

Tina puppdate 🐕🌭
The good news first… Tina found a foster home and there she finally started to gain weight, she started at 6.2 kg and now weighs 6.6 kg, that’s a pretty good weight gain for such a small dog. The people at the foster home have shown her how to relax indoors and how to do her business outside. She listens to corrections and she started to play ball. Tina has her own ball now and a fluffy bear she’s quite fond of falling asleep on ❤️
Unfortunately, where there is good news, there is also bad news. In the past three days Tina had three seizures 😱 This is very untypical for such a young dog and she is already on medication for seizures,
so something is really wrong here 🤔This week she had a vet appointment with a specialist for such mysterious cases, but at this moment she couldn’t make sense of Tina either. After she suffered another seizure while sleeping on the couch today, we decided to check her into a clinic. Today in the evening Tina was hospitalized at the Jaggy Clinic in Prague. There further tests will be carried out on her, she will see a neurologist tomorrow to see if he wants to do the MRI.
Without hesitation, her foster parents drove her to the clinic and didn’t even want a refund for the taxi fare. These people have done an incredible job with Tina so far and taken her a long way towards recovery ❤️ We thank them millions for the fact that she has gained so much weight and that she now only uses the toilet outside and has finally begun to relax indoors😍
Unfortunately, they also had to tell us that they couldn’t cope with the amount of Tina’s seizures. However, all those who now try to judge about it must first ask themselves how they would feel in this situation?! We think that’s a very tough question and one that’s hard to imagine to answer, especially if you’ve never seen seizures like this before… Tina’s foster parents have taken on a difficult task and have achieved a lot in a very short time. Unfortunately, no one could predict such a number of severe seizures 🖤
Depending on what the vets tell us tomorrow, we might be looking for a new foster home soon… hopefully 🙏 Please send Tina your positive thoughts and keep your fingers crossed for her ❤️ We will keep you updated…💌

UPDATE: 8. 9. 2022

Tina is looking for a new foster home👀🙏
Tina is a purebred dachshund, she is 1 year and 2 months old, she is vaccinated and dewormed, she is a small dog with her 6.6 kg.
She is an absolute non-conflict dog, she is good with dogs, she is great with people and kids. She knows how to walk on the leash, but she is afraid of big traffic roads and trams, so a quiet area in Prague would be ideal. Her last foster parents managed to house train her, but please keep in mind that she is a sick dog and accidents might happen. Tina is overall a calm dog that prefers to sleep in your bed or lay on your lap for cuddles❤️
After all possible tests that the vets could have done on Tina she was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy, the most common cause of seizures in a dog. It is an inherited disorder, but its exact cause is unknown.
We need a foster home that has experience with epileptic dogs! Tina needs to have two tablets every day at the exact same time, which should reduce the epileptic seizures to a minimum, but seizures will most likely still occur. We need someone that works from home or can take Tina everywhere with, over the next weeks she needs to be supervised basically all day. Tina must be the only pet at home. She can only go to people who can keep her at least for a month and preferably longer until she has gained enough weight to be stable. We are also looking for people that can take her to our vets in Prague for check ups or emergencies. If you don´t have a car we will reimburse your taxi fares and Cool Critters will pay all the medical expenses and her food.
Tina is still very skinny and is desperately looking for food all day, she will chew on cables, plastics and other things, so whenever Tina has to stay alone, she needs to be crated and we will provide the new foster home with that crate. In her last foster home, Tina gained almost half a kilogram, so we believe there are still some miracles possible in a new stable environment🥰
All this tiny little dog needs is love and the proper medical care! She has lost her home in Ukraine due to the war and
and since then she has been suffering a lot🖤 Unfortunately, even though her last two foster parents were wonderful, she couldn’t stay there for various reasons. Tina is looking for a good-hearted person who not only meets the requirements, but can also deal with epilepsy and its seizures.
If anyone out there can offer this little sweetheart a foster home, please contact us and fill out the foster form https://forms.gle/hL1TANLxfuYbSpjP6
We are also open to permanent foster placement and adoption requests.

UPDATE: 9. 9. 2022

Tina was released from the vet clinic and is back in Kadlin❤️‍🩹
This afternoon Tina was released from the Jaggy vet clinic. She was there for two nights for observation and all sorts of tests were done including an MRI. Eventually she was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy, the most common cause of seizures in a dog. It is an inherited disorder, but its exact cause is unknown😩
The dosage of her medication for epilepsy was increased from what was previously at the absolute minimum dosage possible. The new dosage should stop her from having seizures, but we speak from experience and know that seizures can still occur, but in significantly reduced numbers👍
Tina’s examination and hospitalization cost over 30,000 CZK. A lot of money for a single dog, but Tina has had to go through so much in her young life and all we want for her is that she soon feels better again, gains weight and, with a little luck, maybe even finds a forever home❤️
We know times are difficult, but if you can spare and want to help pay Tina’s vet bill, we’d be forever grateful! Please follow the Darujme link if you want to do something kind today

UPDATE: 13. 9. 2022

Tina puppdate🐾
Tina is out of the hospital and back with us in the sanctuary. She is now on a much higher dose of medication than before, which should prevent the seizures. Since Tina has been back with us she has been very absent and hardly has an appetite. We discussed her condition with the vet and he said it would take her small body some time to get used to the higher dose. On the one hand it’s definitely the medication, but on the other hand we can also see that she’s very sad to be back at the shelter. We think she’s a bit depressed and that Tina has no appetite is very unusual for her and she doesn’t wag her tail for us either.
We had a few foster requests for Tina, but many people who had no experience with epilepsy or just couldn´t provide the right living conditions for her got in touch. Last weekend two wonderful people who have actual experience with epileptic dogs visited us and they would like to offer Tina a foster home, but they can only pick her up in two weeks. Should the right foster opportunity for Tina appear sooner, we would be glad as she would be so much happier in a home❤️ Luckily Tina hasn’t had any new seizures so far 🫶
This is a video from today morning, the first day where she started to feel a bit better. She is still very slow, but at least she is back on track to look for food. She also ate her breakfast🍳
We still need your help to cover Tina’s vet bills🙏🙏
Please follow the Darujme link if you want to do something kind today

UPDATE: 19. 9. 2022

It is time for another Tina Weiner puppdate🐾
Tina is doing now so so so much better. Her body finally got used to the higher dose of the epilepsy drugs. Tina is much more active, she is gaining weight and she starts to enjoy life again. Tina weighs 7.5 kg now❤️ Tina is still looking for food, but she stopped eating things like straw, stones and plastic, she is now luckily only focusing on dog and eventually also on some cat food😙 A week ago, two women came to us who planned to take Tina in as a foster, but now they have changed their mind…
After seeing Tina’s tremendous progress, they decided to adopt Tina. We are so happy for our little sausage!! If all goes well Tina Weiner will go home next weekend❤️
We would like to emphasize again and again that none of this is possible without your support. Thank you to everyone who believes in us and our Cool Critters🐾
We still need your help to cover Tina’s vet bills🙏🙏
Please follow the Darujme link if you want to do something kind today

UPDATE: 28. 10. 2022

Tina Pupdate!
Tina is being taken care of by two wonderful ladies that also have another dog with epilepsy, Fia. They are experienced and Tina is in the best hands.
How is Tina? We would like to say she is doing really well but this isn’t the case 😟 After three weeks seizure free, Tina had four seizures in a day and ended up being hospitalised at Jaggy vets again for three days. Less.than two weeks later, she is back there again after having two seizures yesterday 😟
Epilepsy takes some time to get under control and the earlier treatment starts, the easier it is to get the dog onto the correct dosage of medication. We fear that Tina was suffering these episodes long before she came to us and we hope that soon she will become stable at last.
Tina is such a sweet girl and she deserves to be able to live life without these worrying seizures. Please keep Tina in your thoughts 💕