Meet Maple and Mochi 😻
Two tiny sisters that were found in a field by Jaroslav and Anna, they were aged about two or three weeks. No mother was found 😢 Jaroslav and Anna took them in and patiently waited until I had a quarantine space.
Because they were so small, it was decided to send them to foster care. Adrian and Faye stepped up to take care of these tiny critters ❤️
They are currently doing well, eating like piggies and we will take them to the vet next week for a second check up 😊
Mochi’s fur was really matted, small kittens like this can’t keep their fur clean and for long haired kittens it even harder. She was combed and has now acquired some bald patches 🤦 Don’t worry, one day this ugly duckling will be a swan ❤️

UPDATE: 24.11.2021

A little update on Maple and Mochi, who came to us when they were found in a field without a mother at about three weeks old. They are now eight weeks and are in foster care with Faye and Adrian 🥰
Things were not easy at first. They had fleas, diarrhea and Mochi lost all her fur 😢 She was long haired and suddenly became like a sphynx cat 🙈 We believe it was due to bad nutrition, they were fed ”cat milk’ for a couple of weeks, not kitten milk 😞
They are beginning to thrive, Mochi is growing her fur back and they will soon be ready to have their first vaccines ❤️

UPDATE: 9. 1. 2022

💕 🐾 Mochi and Maple are looking for their forever home!! 💕 🐾

Mochi and Maple are an adorable kitty sibling duo who have been with us since they were very small. Found abandoned by their mother with no other kittens in sight, this lucky pair was nursed back to health by their amazing foster mom and dad, Faye and Adrian. ❤ Now healthy and old enough to be on their own, they are looking for the perfect forever home! ❤
🐾 Mochi is a sweet long haired tortie. This little kitty came to us as a bald/matted mess – but look at her now! She is a beautiful little swan! 😻 Mochi’s fur isn’t the only thing that has blossomed – her personality has as well. She is a very confident kitty who absolutely adores her play time! 🥰
🐾 Maple is an adorable tabby cat, who compliments her sister in looks and personality. This sweet kitty has grown into a little explorer. 🥰 She is forever curious about the world around her, but makes sure to take breaks from her adventures to turn on her purr machine and snuggle with her people! 😻
Both kitties are incredibly affectionate, loving attention and cuddles. 🥰 They don’t mind being picked up and carried around, and love snuggles. They also love running around with each other playing chase. 😻 They are the perfect kitty starter pack for any family, and would love to find a forever home together! 🥰
Mochi and Maple are fully vaccinated, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. ❤
If you think Mochi and Maple could be the perfect match for your family, then please fill out our adoption application and send us a message for more details. The girls can’t wait to meet you! ❤

HAPPY TAILS: 4. 9. 2022

Happy Tails to Maple and Mochi who found their forever home with Martin 🐾💖🐾

These two were found as tiny little kittens in a field by Jaroslav and Anna. Due to malnutrition Mochi lost all her fur, she looked like a Sphynx cat. Adrian and Faye took them to foster and it took an awful long time and a lot of work to nurse them both back to health, but these wonderful people managed💕Truly angels!!

One day Martin and his family came along and adopted Maple and Mochi. The sisters are inseparable and they are very much loved😺

Have a wonderful life sweet girls 💖