Casper and Gigi are looking for their forever home 😻
Casper was found first in Mlada Boleslav and Gigi two weeks later in the same place. Casper went to Faye and Adrian’s foster family before Gigi arrived to Cool Critters. When Gigi came and was two weeks in quarantine, we thought that she can be a perfect play buddy for Casper because he was quite lonely alone. First few days were quite difficult because they were not sure they like each other but now they are wonderful together and love each other. ❣️ That’s why it would be perfect if they could find together a forever home. They can actually be brother and sister because they were found in the exact same place and just look at them. 😻
This is what their foster family tells about them:
“Casper has transformed from a tiny scared kitten to the most affectionate boy once we earned his trust. He now loves pets and cuddles, gives lots of head bumps and seeks out his favorite human’s lap ♥️ He’s a high energy playful boy, and loves to pose with his belly in the air 😂 He also loves his foster friend Gigi. ♥️”
“Gigi is a sweetheart. She needs time to get to know you before she can trust and feel comfortable, but once she does she absolutely adores getting pets and is very enthusiastic about giving head bumps and making biscuits 😇 She likes to play too, but compared to Casper I would describe her as medium energy.”

UPDATE: Gigi found her forever home