Happy Tails to Tilia who found her forever home with Emma and her wonderful family 🐾❤️🐾
Tilia was a very shy puppy who was afraid of everyone at first. We knew that she needed a little more time than the other puppies and approached her carefully. Some days we would take her on a leash and just sit next to her and spoil her with cuddles and treats. She slowly started to trust people and even started going to strangers. One day Emma visited us with her husband, they were both looking for a new family member. Exemplary, her daughter knew nothing about it to keep a possible disappointment low. The husband fell for Lili while Emma felt a strong connection with Tilia and as everyone knows, the woman is always right❤️
On the next visit, they brought their wonderful daughter along and Tilia liked her very much. We suggested taking Tilia into foster care first, because she certainly wasn’t the easiest dog, but the family mastered one hurdle after the other with flying colors and decided to adopt her. We almost daily receive updates and Tilia is thriving. Her new family loves her very much🐾
Have a wonderful life sweet Tilia❤️