Little Johnson isn’t feeling very well 😢 It started with a cough and now he has a full blown cold ☹️ He has been to the vet and has medication which he has to have with food. But yesterday he didn’t want to eat ☹️
This morning I found some sachets of pate food for chihuahua’s and I broke a little off and put it in his mouth. He ate it 😊 Little by little he took it from my hand and then Gandalf arrived to see what was going on.
Imagine, a piece for the dog and a piece for the cat 🤣 Johnson is eating and that’s the main thing 😊

HAPPY TAILS: 15. 10. 2022

Happy Tails to Johnson who found his forever home with Anthony and Charla🐾❤️🐾
Oh Johnson, what a unique wonderful little boy. Johnson a rescue from Ukraine was quite sick when he came to us, this little guy had a terrible cough. He recovered very quickly and finally he was ready for his castration. Once fully recovered and castrated this little boy showed how much energy he had! Positive energy! Johnson was all day busy running around, greeting people, playing with toys and other dogs, a real little whirlwind🐾 We knew if we did an adoption advert for Johnson, people would be banging on our doors to take this little guy home, so we waited for the right person to come along and so it happened… One day Anthony and Charla contacted us that they were looking for a small size dog and their adoption application was totally fitting for Johnson. We invited them to meet him and it was love at first sight. We think this picture best describes how happy Charla is with Johnson.
Have a wonderful life sweet boy, we heard that you are rocking Prague❤️