🐾💕 Meet Maya! 🐾💕
Maya was saved from a farm by her rescue dad when she was unfortunately prematurely separated from her litter at 6 weeks old. The owner of the farm decided that he did not want kittens running around, and tried to drown the litter. 💔 Luckily Maya’s rescue dad was able to intervene, and with his love and care Maya has adjusted very well! 🥰
Today, at a little over a year old, Maya is an adorable and curious young kitty. 💕 She loves investigating any and all sounds, and will come running if you open a packet of treats! She is also the little explorer, constantly inspecting any new thing that comes in the house. ❤

Maya maintains her kitten playfulness, with one of her favorite games being hide and seek.😻 She also enjoys a few specific toys, including feathers on a stick and Cat-Dancer. 💕
When she’s not exploring and playing, Maya enjoys napping. She is an expert at finding conspicuous places to sleep – such as the middle of a doorway, or your recently vacated chair! She does also enjoy chilling in the window and watching the world outside go by. 💕
As a long-haired cat, Maya does need some assistance with grooming. She cleans herself very well, but as with any long haired cat expect to maintain a grooming schedule to help comb out the extra layers of shed undercoat. 🐾

As for cuddles, Maya enjoys them according to her own schedule (very classic cat!). 😸 She is especially a cuddle bug in the morning (perfect for a snuggly winter sleep-in buddy), or when she’s woken up from a nap. 💕 Her rescue dad says “Maya’s fur is perfect for cuddling – it’s like burying your face in a cloud!” 😻Once you get to know Maya’s personality, she will truly be your best friend and cuddle buddy. 💕
While Maya’s rescue dad has taken care of her for most of her life, he always knew the arrangement wouldn’t be permanent. After getting her healthy, strong, and vetted (spayed, vaccinated, chipped, and dewormed/flea-ed), he tried to find an arrangement for her, but it is difficult to do alone. Knowing the safest thing for her would be to get her under the care of an organization, he surrendered her to our care to find her the perfect forever home. 💕
We all want Maya to find the best forever home – so, if you have experience with long-haired cats and think that Maya could be a good fit for your family, please reach out! 💕 While Maya has not lived with another kitty before, we would still consider a home with another kitty friend for her. If you would like to find out more about Maya, please fill in our adoption contract and send us a message for more information. Maya can’t wait to meet you! 😻🥰

HAPPY TAILS: 24. 10. 2022

Maya came under Cool Critters wing when her owner could no longer take care of her. Almost immediately a lovely lady contacted us and Maya went to foster care with her to see if she was a good fit. Of course Jeanne couldn’t let her go and Maya found her forever home 🥰
Maya is now living her life with Jeanne as queen of the house and they have now moved to France 💕
Have a wonderful life sweet girl ❤️