Přijata do azylu: 3. 2. 2023
Původ: přijata od majitele
Váha: kg


Entered shelter: 3. 2. 2023
Origin: owner surrender
Weight: kg

4. 9. 2023

Where is she?

Marshmallow (white and ginger) and Bler (fluffy floof) are in foster care with Peter and Barbara. They call them affectionately, Freddie Mercury and Lady Di(e) 😹

Marshmallow went to them back in January and although he is an amazing kitty, he is FIV+. It’s hard to find a home for a FIV+ cat as people seem to still be really scared of this disease. A little education will inform you that this cannot be passed to other cats without a deep bite wound and it can’t be passed to humans or to dogs either. With good nutrition and good care FIV+ cats can live very long lives. Back in the 80’s when HIV and AIDS in humans was found, people were equally as scared. We educated ourselves.

Bler is also FIV+ and went to them in February after a failed adoption. The adopter wasn’t completely honest with us and was not allowed pets. So in one evening we had to find a place for Bler, otherwise she would have been put on the streets 😭 Peter and Barbara came to the rescue and they were truly our heroes 😻

Without people like Peter and Barbara that are willing to foster cats that struggle to find a home, our work would be so much harder. We really are grateful for them taking them under their wings and giving them the love that every critter needs ❤️ Luckily Marshmallow and Bler get along really well and they are both available for adoption ❤️

18. 1. 2024

Last week Bler developed a respiratory problem and stopped eating. Bler had recently been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis and treated. After her treatment she developed focal seizures and we had plans to take her to a neurologist. Bler was FIV positive and her immune system was compromised so when the respiratory problem started she was immediately taken to the vet. Her blood work was very bad and the vet recommended euthanasia 😪 Her foster parents Peter and Barbora wanted to give her a chance and spent the whole of the day trying to feed her with a syringe. Sadly there was nothing anyone could do and on Friday Bler left us 💔