UPDATE: 10. 6. 2022

Meet Button 😍

A teeny tiny kitty that came to us when a lady found her wandering on the street alone with no mother or siblings in sight 😔 She took her to the vet to ask for help and by chance Jaq was there on a vet visit. What to do? Of course we couldn’t say no 💕

Button has passed her quarantine, is healthy and will get her first vaccination tomorrow. Then where will she go? She can’t go with the big guys and gals and she can’t stay alone 😢

So, we are looking for a foster for this tiny Button. Someone who has time to play with her, someone to give her endless cuddles 🤗
If you have the time to dedicate to this tiny creature, please send us a message 💕 Everything will be provided and we will cover all costs 😊

UPDATE: 28. 7. 2022


Button is a sweet and playful tortie girl with a lot of love to give.
Button gets along well with the other kittens and adult cats in her foster home. In her new home, she would enjoy having a playful cat friend or a human who can give her a lot of attention.
When she’s not playing, Button also likes to relax with her human friends. In her foster home, Button enjoys lounging on the couch or snuggling up in a lap while the humans watch tv or play video games.
When Button is feeling affectionate, which is often, she is not shy about asking her foster parents for pets and cuddles. She does this by giving plenty of head bumps, meows, and purrs. Once she is comfortable, she will lay down on your lap or chest to snuggle. Pure bliss for all involved. 🥰
Button is an amazing little girl who will fill her new home with excitement, energy, cuteness and love.
If you think Button could be part of your family, then please fill out an adoption application (found in the ‘About’ section of our Facebook page) and send us a DM for more information! 🐾😻
Button is currently in Prague in foster care and can be visited there 💖

HAPPY TAILS: 4. 9. 2022

Happy Tails to Button who found her new home with Aneta and her family 💕
Button came to us quite by chance when somebody found her alone as a tiny kitten on the street. They took her to the vet and by chance Jaq was there on a vet visit 😊
When Brittany took the City Kitties to foster, Button went too 😻 It made sense as she had no siblings to play with. Aneta visited Button here at the sanctuary and again at Brittany’s and she fell in love 💞
Aneta says, We would like to update you about Button – now called Luna 🙂 She is a cuddly little lovebug, immediately exploring her new home. She gives everybody kisses all the time and she eats like a champ. Our older cat is a bit unsure about the new situation but its slowly getting better. We love games!
Have a wonderful life sweet girl 💞