Sapphire is looking for her forever home 💕
Sapphire, female 🐱, 1 year and 2 months old, black with white spots on her paws and neck, came to us from a small village near Kokorin. She was brought to us by the same people who already brought us kitties before. She came with 4 amazing 4 weeks old kittens. Her babies are already grown up and all of them already found a home so now is turn of their beautiful mama to find her forever home. 😻
Sapphire needs a calm home and patient humans who will give her time and love to feel safe and secure. Right now she is in foster in Prague and she is making a progress to become less shy and more confident. She loves to be petted and as a reward she will give you a lot of loud purrs and make plenty of biscuits. 🥰
If you think Sapphire could be your new family member, please fill out our adoption application and send us a DM for more information! 🐾

HAPPY TAILS: 3. 11. 2022

Happy Tails to Sapphire who found her home with Mauro and his family in Pilsen 💕
Sapphire arrived at Cool Critters with four kittens in tow and they became the ‘City Kitties’ ❤️ Momma Sapphire was so sweet but it was time for her to fly the nest and start thinking about a new life in her own home. Her days of taking care of kittens were over 💕
When Brittany kindly offered to foster the kittens, we wanted to find a foster for Sapphire. Along came Daria and Sapphire learnt to be be a single lady again 🙂 Sapphire was still a little shy, being indoors wasn’t something she had known before. Thank you Daria for being a part of Sapphire’s journey 🥰
Mauro went to visit Sapphire and she found a new home ❤️
“Sapphire spent her first week with us 🙂
After a couple of shy days spent mostly in hiding, studying us a bit 😅, she is slowly coming out and making her presence felt.
She has her space, and although still exploring, likes to watch TV with us in her sofa and wake us up early in the morning while playing with her toy cascabel-mouse”
“Sapphire’s doing great, slowly getting used to her new role as a ruler of the land 😸
We’re keeping it Sapphire, but adapting to Czech, so it is Sapphire now” 😻😻
Have a wonderful life sweet girl ❤️