Look at this good girl, who was the best at the vet❤️🐾
May we introduce you to this wonderful little dog, this is Nana.
Abandoned by her owners, Nana found herself totally confused and frightened at our sanctuary. She was so scared at first that we couldn’t touch her, but look at her now😍
Equipped with a muzzle, we made our way to the vet to get her health checked, vaccinated and microchipped. This poor little dog did not even have a microchip and her vaccinations were out of date. She was brilliant at the vet, so the muzzle was not needed.
Soon she will be ready for a new and forever home🐾❤️

HAPPY TAILS: 5. 11. 2022

Happy Tails to Nana who found her forever home with Daniel and Patricia🐾❤️🐾
When Nana came to us she was very scared and would growl and snap at us whenever we tried to approach her. After a certain time and with a lot of baby talk, however, we managed to gain her trust and she revealed her true cuddly self to us. Nana wasn’t trusting everyone and we knew that it takes very special people to win her heart. One day we were contacted by Patricia and Daniel who were looking for a friend for their dog Taco. We know them both well because they have already adopted their dog Taco, formerly Blackjack, from us. When Daniel and Patricia visited us, their dog Taco got on well with Nana right from the start, so it was clear that they would take Nana with them to Prague as a foster first to see how she adapts in the city. As you can probably already imagine, everything works out well with Nana. Her big brother Taco helps her a lot in getting comfortable and confident in her new environment. Daniel and Patricia say that Nana is a wonderful dog and they are very happy that Taco has a best buddy now.
Have a wonderful life sweet girl❤️