Přijata do azylu: 30.10.2022
Původ: po zemřelém majiteli
Váha: 5.4 kg


Entered shelter: 30.10.2022
Origin: her owner died
Weight: 5.4 kg

Back in October a little creature came to us after her owner had died. She was like something from Harry Potter, a tiny critter that we thought, would find a loving home quite quickly ….
Sadly, Fifi has a few health problems which started when we tested her for heartworm, she was positive 🙁 Luckily we have lots of experience with heartworm and we started treatment right away.
On the first journey to the vet, we realised something else was very wrong. You could not be in the car with the windows closed because of the smell that this tiny critter emitted 🤢 We bathed her, but soon found out the smell was from her mouth 😪
Fifi lived in my bathroom during winter. She is far too tiny to be in a kennel. We found one foster but it didn’t work out, so she came back here until we could find her another place. Just last week, she went to foster with Christine, who is taking wonderful care of her.
Fifi has successfully completed her heartworm treatment and in a few weeks she will go for another test to see if she is cured. Meanwhile, in two weeks, the dental treatment will start 🙏 We wished that both could be resolved together but unfortunately it was too dangerous to put her under anaesthesia.
We are very grateful to all of our fosters. They give their homes, their love and their time to our critters. They are part of their journey to a new life ❤️