Happy Tails to Luna who found her forever home with Nicole 🐾❤️🐾
When Luna came to us she was very skittish and shy. She only trusted dogs, but not humans🐾 We gave her time and slowly but surely she opened up and became more and more trusting. When she trusted us completely she was a wonderful and cuddly dog. One day Nicole and David came to see all the dogs for possible adoption. Nicole met Milka before, but still wanted to see our other dogs in Kadlin. As if Nicole knew why she wanted to see the dogs in our sanctuary too, because when she visited, she immediately fell for Luna. Luna certainly wasn’t the easiest dog to choose, but you could clearly see Nicole´s determination and dedication.
Luna is improving daily, but she is still a bit shy and unsure outside. Inside, on the other hand, she feels incredibly comfortable. Luna started out as a shoe hoarder, firstly only David´s shoes, but now she expanded her business and hoards passionately also Nicole’s shoes. Recently, she climbed the career ladder a little further and has become a professional shoe eater.
Have a wonderful life sweet girl and go for these delicious shoes❤️