Happy Tails to Elsa who found her forever home with Blanka and her husband 🐾❤️🐾
Elsa’s happy tails is one of those stories that keeps motivating us animal rescuers to keep going. Elsa was rescued from horrible conditions, she lost her owners and came to us confused and scared for her life. Elsa was so terrified that for the first few days she tried to bite us whenever we got too close to her. Elsa is such a tiny and frail dog, so we approached her very slowly and Tanja was able to gain her trust. Once she started to trust us she was the sweetest dog, so she soon got rid off her initial name “Snappy the crocodile”. Sorry, giving sarcastic names also motivates us to keep going. 🤦‍♀️ One day Bara contacted us, that she is looking for a dog for her parents. We invited Bara with her mom to come and see all the dogs. We showed them all our small to medium size members of the sanctuary. Bara brought her own dog along, so it was important for them to the new dog would be fine with Uno. In the very end we decided to show them also Elsa, but actually just to see how she would react to another dog and visitors. Someone had to pinch us to realize that these two people actually fell in love with Elsa. Elsa didn’t show her cuddly side, she came closer, but then disappeared again immediately. Surprisingly, Elsa got along well with Bara’s dog Uno. The two roamed through our sanctuary happily digging for mice together.
Bara’s dog Uno not only looked a lot like Elsa, but the two shared a similar history. When Bara adopted Uno she was also very timid and afraid, so it gave us a really good feeling about Elsa going home with them. We offered Blanka to foster Elsa first to see if she would be a great fit. Bara and her boyfriend picked Elsa up one day and drove her all the way close to Ostrava where her mother Blanka lives. It soon became clear that Elsa is the right fit for the family. Uno and Elsa expand their friendship more and more. Elsa is very much loved. It’s one of those stories that never ceases to amaze us how wonderful people can be. Bara and Blanka knew exactly what can be achieved with dedication, love and patience.
Have a wonderful life sweet girl, you could have not found a better home❤️