Happy Tails to Milia who found her forever home with Polina 🐾❤️🐾
One day Polina contacted us that she would be interested in adopting a dog from Cool Critters, so we invited her. Polina and her mother were very pleasant visitors who took a lot of time to get to know all our dogs. At the top of Polina’s list were Luna, Sun and Milia. Due to Polina’s character and living situation, we thought that Milia would be the best fit for her. Polina is one of those people who makes smart decisions, as she is able to listen and consider advice. We all agreed that she could take Milia home to firstly foster her for a while. Milia is a wonderful and intelligent dog with a gentle character and a high ability to learn. At first, Milia had some problems adjusting to city life. Everything was new for this little puppy without her confident sister Linda and for this reason she didn’t like to go much outside at first, consequently she also did not do her business outside. Milia was just perfect in the apartment, but she still needed a little help for the world outside, so Polina got in touch with Tanja. The two met a few times and started working on the things that still scared Milia a bit. Milia quickly found more and more self-confidence and now even masters the Christmas market at Old Town Square with flying colors. Polina and Milia have an amazing bond with each other. It’s wonderful to see how much Milia loves Polina.
Have a wonderful life sweet girl❤️