Přijata do azylu: 22.12.2022
Původ: přijata od majitele
Váha: 11.5 kg


Entered shelter: 22.12.2022
Origin: owner surrender
Weight: 11.5 kg

The holiday season is over and some say they put on a few pounds over the holidays, so did we, only that we’ve put on a few more dogs over the holidays.🐶🐾 As every year, we had a few owner surrenders at Christmas. One such owner surrender was Maria and her sister Sally!
When the two girls came to us, one of the them was really sick. Maria, the poor little girl, had terrible bloody diarrhoea over the holidays. She needed to see the vet every single day for infusions. Anyone who knows Jaq is aware of the fact that she is not exactly the biggest fan of Christmas, but even she could have imagined these days to be a little bit more festive than driving Maria back and forth to the vet. Sarcastic as we are, from then on she owns the nickname Maria diarrhoea.🤭
After the infusions and medication, Maria quickly got better. The so gentle and calm creature has become a real whirlwind.🌪Once the dogs regain their strength they all get naughty.🤣
Maria is a wonderful dog. She loves people more than anything and is gentle with children.🤎 Maria was a dream at the vet and relaxed in the car. She gets along with other dogs but tends to be a bit dominating and plays very intense with them, but we think that’s because of the mix with the bully breed.
Since Maria got well again, she has gained over a kilogram in weight in a very short time. We are confident that she is on the right track. Soon we will be looking for a home for this beauty.
In the meantime, if anyone is interested in fostering Maria with the prospect of adopting her, then please fill out the adoption application and send us a message!
We are happy to announce that her sister Sally already found a home!!🥳 The two were not exactly the kind of sisters who had to find a home together. Their sibling love was more about fighting over anything like food and toys.
We can’t do what we do without you🙏
In order to be able to pay vet bills for dogs like Maria we do always need your help! We appreciate your kind support.🙏
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