Přijata do azylu: 11.02.2023
Původ: nalezena v Kadlíně
Váha: 1.6 kg


Entered shelter: 11.02.2023
Origin: found in Kadlin
Weight: 1.6 kg

✨ Rescuing two kittens won’t change the world, but it will change the world for those two kittens ✨
♥️ Meet Stella & Venus ♥️
Despite being sisters, their weight differs so much.
While Stella ( the white kitten ) weights 1,6kg, her sister Venus ( the black kitten ) weights only 1.1kg 🥹
Some kind-hearted people found them this afternoon wandering around a shop in Kadlin and brought them to Coolcritters , where we took them in and did everything we could to make them comfortable.
Venus, such a small and tiny kitten with big, bright eyes and a playful spirit, despite her painful injuries.. 😔
She has been found with both of her back legs badly broken and in need of urgent medical attention. They seem both twisted around and we can’t imagine the pain this kitten is going through at her young age and small size. 😢 She walks on her front legs while dragging her back legs 😭😩
Despite the pain, Venus doesn’t lose her spirit, she came with a huge appetite and a soft meow.
Stella is quiet shy and distant for now, it will take her some time to realize she’s in a safe place where no one will harm her and where she’ll only receive good food, lots of love and care.
Both girls will be taken to the vet for a health check up.
Venus will specifically require an expensive trip to the vet and potentially surgery to fix her legs. She will be visited by our orthopedic vet and he will inform us on the next steps to be taken.
We are expecting huge vet bills and this is the moment where we need You more than ever ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
We will be eternally grateful for any donations we will receive for these tiny kittens and Venus’s upcoming surgery.
‼️‼️ Donations can be made to our transparent bank account:
Account No.: 2201832152/2010
IBAN: CZ2920100000002201832152

UPDATE: 2.6.2023

🌟🌟 Stella is looking for her home 🌟🌟

Stella is still a kitten, 6 months old, spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, spot on for fleas and ticks, FIV/FELV – negative.
Stella 🌟 is currently in foster care in Prague.
Her temporary mom wrote about her ” Falling in love with Stella (or Lela as we call her) is not difficult. She is a kitten who seeks human company, she always needs to be with you. If she wants something, she lets us know by meowing, but sometimes she also just meows because she likes philosophical conversations. Sometimes we carry her like a baby and she enjoys it. Especially if we throw in some kisses. As for claw trimming… no problem at all.” 🌟
Stella 🌟 had minor health problems in the past. They just had to clean her eyes and nose every day. She recently saw a specialist and the medication is working well. However, she will need surgery on both knees in the future, which we will of course cover the cost of.
Stella loves the dogs that she currently lives with, as you can see from the photos. Sadly her fosters can’t keep her and therefore she’s looking for her forever home 😻
If you think you would be the right person for this kitty, please feel free to contact us using the form below: