Přijat do azylu: 18.12.2022
Původ: hřbitov v Mladé Boleslavi
Váha: 4.5 kg


Entered shelter: 18.12.2022
Origin: Mlada Boleslav cemetery
Weight: 4.5 kg

4. 9. 2023

Where is she?

Marshmallow (white and ginger) and Bler (fluffy floof) are in foster care with Peter and Barbara. They call them affectionately, Freddie Mercury and Lady Di(e) 😹

Marshmallow went to them back in January and although he is an amazing kitty, he is FIV+. It’s hard to find a home for a FIV+ cat as people seem to still be really scared of this disease. A little education will inform you that this cannot be passed to other cats without a deep bite wound and it can’t be passed to humans or to dogs either. With good nutrition and good care FIV+ cats can live very long lives. Back in the 80’s when HIV and AIDS in humans was found, people were equally as scared. We educated ourselves.

Bler is also FIV+ and went to them in February after a failed adoption. The adopter wasn’t completely honest with us and was not allowed pets. So in one evening we had to find a place for Bler, otherwise she would have been put on the streets 😭 Peter and Barbara came to the rescue and they were truly our heroes 😻

Without people like Peter and Barbara that are willing to foster cats that struggle to find a home, our work would be so much harder. We really are grateful for them taking them under their wings and giving them the love that every critter needs ❤️ Luckily Marshmallow and Bler get along really well and they are both available for adoption ❤️