Přijata do azylu: 23.4.2023
Původ: nalezena u cesty v Rumunsku
Váha: 11 kg


Entered shelter: 02.01.2023
Origin: found on the road in Romania
Weight: 11 kg

By sheer coincidence and luck, these two wonderful souls came to us. Volunteers were on their way back from vacation and spotted this little fluffball in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road in Romania. There was no way they could just keep going and they stopped to see if everything was ok with this little puppy. They searched for his mother, siblings or an owner, but the little girl appeared to be all alone, so they put the puppy in the car and started driving. Not a second later they saw in the rearview mirror that a black dog running after the car. It was more than obvious that these two dogs belonged together and the volunteers were sure it was the puppy’s mother. In no case could they leave the mother behind. This is the story how these two lucky ones came to us.
We called the mother Lollipop and the puppy Bubblegum, but there is one issue, technically Lollipop isn’t Bubblegum’s mother. After removing around 100 ticks from both dogs and performing basic health checks, we quickly found out that Bubblegum is only around 3 months old and Lollipop has either never had puppies or hasn’t had them recently, so Lollipop can’t be the biological mother. Miraculously Lollipop takes loving care of Bubblegum and shares her food, she is truly and amazing dog.
Stay tuned and follow their story, soon these two wonderful pups will be looking for their forever home.