Přijata do azylu: 24.5.2023
Původ: převzata od majitele
Váha: 2.8 kg


Entered shelter: 24.5.2023
Origin: owner surrender
Weight: 2.8 kg

DOBRY is looking for her forever home!!🏠
Meet Dobry, Bengal cat, female, 1 year old, microchipped, castrated and vaccinated.
Dobry is a beauty of a Bengal cat.😻 She is very smart and likes to play with everything. Dobry is a very energetic and vocal cat. She is sweet and affectionate, but she cannot be picked up or hugged, she is no lap cat!! You need to keep her occupied and provide her with a lot of space, otherwise she shows destructive behavior and will start to chew, destroy and pee on all the furniture. Preferably we are looking for people who have experience with these cats.
Bengals are a hybrid cat breed. Breeders crossed domestic felines with Asian leopard cats, a small, wild species native to Southeast Asia. While they seem like a sweet house cat some of the time, they are much closer to their wild instincts than your typical tabby house cat! Basically you can say that a Bengal is a half wild cat! Bengals have high energy, even into adulthood. If you don’t play with them, they will find other ways to spend their energy, ways that you might not appreciate.
These cats need a lot of space and running area to release energy. Another critical part of a Bengal’s environment is a dedicated scratcher. Or several scratchers. They need to scratch to add their scent to their territory, and they need to use their claws to stretch their back muscles. If you cannot provide this they will start to destroy everything.
A general rule for all cats and a very crucial one for Bengals is, there should be one litter box per cat, plus one extra at home!🐾Add more litter boxes if their area is large and a Bengal’s area needs to be large! Litter boxes should be conveniently located. Bengals prefer litter with a sand-like texture and unscented litter. If you can make the whole litter box situation as appealing as possible, your Bengal won’t try to avoid using them!😻
If you think it’ll be okay to leave for an entire weekend as long as you leave some food out, think again! Bengals don’t like to be alone! It can be hard to fill a Bengal’s social needs all by yourself, so ideally they will have a friend, but be aware that their energy level is very high and they play rough, so very often this is too overpowering for a normal house cat! Dobry lives at the moment with a house cat and she plays way too rough for this cat.
Dobry loves to be outside and in the gras. She is used to walk on a leash, but we would only agree to this if the adopter lives on the countryside or on the outskirts of the city. If you have an outdoor enclosure for Dobry this would be most suitable.😻
Please make sure you read all the information carefully and if you think Dobry can be the right fit for your home, then hurry up and fill out the adoption application on the link below and send us a message to highlight your interest. 🐾 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScBJDe21FxsTl0aYDAw5TQm9gfvKTC-N-Hl_x5moz9v_J5prA/viewform