Přijata do azylu: 5.5.2023
Původ: nalezena v Pardubicích
Váha: přibližně 3 kg


Entered shelter: 5.5.2023
Origin: found in Pardubice
Weight: approximately 3 kg

When people reach out to us for help we will do everything in our power to assist. Of course a lot depends on our capacity at the time and we will never endanger any of our other critters. This is why fostering is so important to us. A critter that goes to a foster home will free up room for another soul in need 🙂
Mollynka came to us from Pardubice. Silvia contacted us to ask if it was possible for us to take a pregnant kitty under our wing. A trap was organised and nearly a month ago Mollynka came into our care 😻
Mollynka gave birth to three kittens on May 19th. One of them was outside the nest and was cold when found. Jaq rushed into action, putting the kitten in her bra to try and warm it up while she made a hot water bottle. The baby was warmed and started feeding but sadly passed away at three days 😢 It’s said that momma cats know when something is wrong and we as humans have the choice to try to intervene or do nothing and let nature take it’s course. It’s a difficult choice to do nothing and at least we tried. The story might have been so different.
Mollynka and her two kittens are doing really well. Their eyes opened two days ago and today we discovered that there is a brother and sister 😻 Mollynka is very friendly, which makes our job a whole lot easier 🙂