Přijat do azylu: 10.6.2023
Původ: nalezen ve vesnici Zamachy
Váha: 2.2 kg


Entered shelter: 10.6.2023
Origin: Zamachy
Weight: 2.2 kg

Today was somewhat of an adventure!
We have been trying to trap a sickly cat for the past three weeks and he/she is clever enough to avoid our traps. The traps were placed at the side of the road between two local villages in the tall grass.
Today we received a message from a friend in the next village that the cat was in her garden. Within 10 minutes Jaq and Martina were there and managed to crate the kitty with the minimal fuss 🙏
Straight to the vet where we found out he is an uncastrated male, very thin and dehydrated, three years old maximum and weighing only 2.2 kg, a real sorry state 😢 Blood work was done and he was put on infusion for the dehydration. Tested for FIV FeLV – negative 💪 The blood work shows his liver is struggling and he’s fighting an infection. Another infusion and control tomorrow and hopefully we will start to make him feel better 🙏
On the way to the vet we checked the traps and again on the way back. They were GONE 😭
We did a lot of phoning around and luckily they were located and we will collect them tomorrow 😍
Keep you fingers crossed that we can get this poor boy healthy again 🙏 We named him Asher 😍