Přijat do azylu: 25.6.2023
Původ: nalezen na ulici na okraji Mladé Boleslavi
Váha: 3.5 kg


Entered shelter: 25.6.2023
Origin: found lying on the street just outside Mlada Boleslav
Weight: 3.5 kg


“It’s just a cat”
That’s what the man told the ladies who found this poor boy lying sick in the road today when they tried to find out if the cat had an owner 😭
We often wonder if it was a dog in the same situation, what people’s reaction would be 🤔 This country is renowned for it’s love of dogs and every year the situation for cats becomes more and more desperate 😞
We shouldn’t have taken him, we don’t really have space. But we found a quiet quarantine corner for him, once again my bathroom is out of bounds and will smell of Eau de Uncastrated Tom 🤢 But, how can we say no?
He’s a hot mess as you can see by this video. He looks to have scabies or another skin condition. He’s half starved and eating like he never ate before. The kind ladies who rescued him couldn’t leave him just lying there. They thought he’d been hit by a car 😞 They want to call him Jack and even offered to take him back to the vet tomorrow for follow up treatment. Ladies, you are truly angels 😇


Do you remember Jack? ‘It’s just a cat’
Can you see his improvement?
Jack will soon be looking for a foster home to complete his recovery 🙏 Do you have room in your heart and a place on your sofa? This boy will reward you with lots of love in return 💗


Jack, also known affectionately as ‘Stinky Jack’, will soon be going to his foster home to continue his transformation from an ugly duckling to a swan 😻 A very kind lady has agreed to take this beaten up street cat under her wing 😊
Jack was uncastrated when he came to us and it’s taken a while since his castration to lose his ‘perfume’. Luckily for us Jack doesn’t mind a bath, as long as you keep massaging him 🤩 And you have to admit, he does an amazing ET impression 🤣