Přijat do azylu: 7.8.2023
Původ: nalezen v Mladé Boleslavi
Váha: 1 kg


Entered shelter: 7.8.2023
Origin: Found in Mlada Boleslav
Weight: 1 kg

22. 8. 2023

We lost our sweet Maximilian last week to the most dreadful of all the cat viruses, Panleukopenia and our hearts are truly broken 💔
From the moment he was given to us at our vets we knew he was a very special kitten. He would start purring the moment you entered his room and he would have grown into an amazing cat. But he never had this chance 😭 😭
So many shelters have been crippled by this virus and every year we all fear that the next kitten we take could be a carrier. That’s why we have a very strict quarantine for all new intakes as it can spread like a wildfire. Because of this, we kept our other kittens and cats safe 🙏
Maximilian, we are so sorry we couldn’t save you. We tried so hard, our vets tried so hard and you fought so bravely. Our tears are still falling for you, you touched the hearts of many and we will always remember you 💔