Přijat do azylu: 4.10.2023
Původ: nalezen v Kadlíně
Váha: 600g


Entered shelter: 4.10.2023
Origin: found in Kadlin
Weight: 600g


Yesterday morning little Oliver was found in the middle of the road in Kadlin. Tanja was on her way to the sanctuary, when she spotted a little black ball of fur on the road. Even though Tanja was honking on these cars in front of her, a huge truck just drove straight over followed by a car that luckily went around. None of these cars stopped for Oliver!😣🤮
When Tanja picked him up she realised that he cannot see.😢 On a cold Wednesday morning, this poor little thing was sitting in the middle of the road in the sun, probably trying to warm himself up a little.🖤
Oliver is now in our care! Jaq immediately took him to the vet where it was confirmed that Oliver had lost his eyesight due to neglect. People just fed these kittens but didn’t take care of them in any other way.😣Even though this little boy is now safe with us, the fact that people do not castrate and neglect their cats makes us cry. Over and over again!😭
Little Oliver will need some time to recover and get used to being blind. He is a very hungry little boy, so that’s a good sign!


Oliver says thank you!!🙏😻
Oliver is recovering well and happy that auntie Jaq doesn’t need to be so worried anymore if she will be able to cover the vet bills. Oliver is eating and a champ in protecting his food, he has a strong will to survive.💪
Thank you to everyone who donated so diligently, you have supported us incredibly!💜


Oliver update!🐾🐈‍⬛
Little Oliver is 3 weeks with us and he is doing well.💜When he arrived he was only 600 grams and now he already weighs 1 kilo. Normally kittens gain around 100 grams per week, so Oliver definitely exceeds the average at the moment.💪


Little Oliver update 🖤🐈‍⬛
Well just when you think things are going better for this little guy, we had a home lined up for him, a wonderful home 🏠🐾, then the snap tests tested positive for FeLV and our world fell apart. 😱😭 We waited patiently for a long ten days for the results hoping they were a false positive, but the PCR doesn’t lie. Oliver has progressive FeLV the type that is infectious to other cats.😭
Oliver has been on his own in the quarantine room for so long, it’s no life for a kitten.😿 But, if Tanja hadn’t picked him up, he wouldn’t be alive now!
We don’t know where Oliver’s journey will end, but for now he has a warm foster home with two wonderful humans and we will try to help him all the time he wants to live.🙏 Oliver’s foster parents are saying:” Lots of purrs today.🥹 He’s a happy kitty.😻


Little Oliver update 🐾🐈‍⬛
Oliver has made himself at home.
Despite being diagnosed wit progressive FeLV, little Oliver is enjoying himself. Oliver is loved.🖤