Přijati do azylu: 18.9.2023
Původ: Mladá Boleslav
Váha: 3kg


Entered shelter: 18.9.2023
Origin: Mlada Boleslav
Weight: 3kg


We have mangolicious news for you!!🥭
Anyone who can still remember the kitten Mango can now go crazy with joy because we have just saved another baby Mango!!🥭🥭😻
Mango and his siblings were abandoned when the humans moved from their house in Mlada Boleslav and didn’t take the kitties with them. Neighbours fed them but, because it was on a busy road, Mango was the only one that survived.😿
Finally we were able to catch mommy Mango! We have been trying to catch Mango’s mother for over a year and we finally succeeded. Now she and her tiny kittens are safe.🙏🙏 Sorry guys, no more baby Mangos… the mother suffered enough and will be castrated once she stops feeding the little ones.
Look at these sweet delicious baby Mango!!😻
This little 🥭 is even tinier than the previous one!!
Please support our work.🙏
We can’t do what we do without you! 🧡


Happy Sunday everyone 🌞
This beautiful little family have been with us for one week, they are doing very well and we thought it might be time to name them 😻
So, Momma is Sherbet and the two little girls are Rhubarb and Custard 😻 The babies are about six to seven weeks old and we are wondering when Custards eyes will change colour 🤔