Přijat do azylu: 10.11.2023
Původ: nalezen v Dobrovicích
Váha: 4 kg


Entered shelter: 10.11.2023
Origin: found in Dobrovice
Weight: 4 kg

Bert was found in Dobrovice at the same place as our Penelope. He’s about 6 years old, his rotting teeth have been removed and he has been castrated. After his vaccines he will be looking for a new home 😻
Bert is now in foster in Prague with Mae and this was her first report :-
– explored my home
– had dinner
– pooped in my room 🙀
– cuddled
– lied down on my thighs
– let me hug him and walked around
– cut his nails (jesus they were dangerously sharp)
– stopped complaining lol
Bert found the catnip 😹

5. 12. 2023

Bert clearly had a home but we know he was outside for a long long time 😢 He was hungry, neglected and lost but luckily Martina caught him and he is now on his journey to a new life 🙏
Mae, his foster, adores him and he adores her ❤️
– loves being a lapcat,
– loves sleeping on top of me,
– sleeps most of the time,
– is a low maintenance cat,
– is a house cat,
– knows how to do his business using the side entry or open litter box,
– purrs very softly,
– saves me money on toys,
– likes catnip,
– meows like “eow” with missing M lol 😹