Přijata do azylu: 20.11.2023
Původ: Mladá Boleslav
Váha: 700 g


Entered shelter: 20.11.2023
Origin: Mlada Boleslav
Weight: 700 g

Promise came to us when a lady asked us to take seven kittens and one of them was sick. Promise is the sick one and we are still waiting for her to catch the others.

We still don’t know whether Promise is a boy or a girl because of a huge infection of the rear 🥲 Chronic diarrhea and unable to pee alone. We hope that the infection will be solved and then we can reaccess the situation.

15. 4. 2024

Promise has been with us for 5 months now. She arrived with a horrific infection of her anus parts, plus a chronic diarrhea! In all this time we battled to get it under control. Firstly we managed to solve the diarrhea and now with the help of various antibiotics and treatments we managed to get rid off the infection.❤️‍🩹💪
Happily we can say that Promise is now fully recovered and will just need a few more check ups.🙏
Unfortunately Promise is incontinent which means she can’t control going to the toilet. She can 💩 alone but she doesn’t get the feeling that she has to go. Therefore we have to pick up her nuggets.🥳 Promise can’t pee on her own so we have to squeeze her bladder 3-4 times a day.
This sounds like a lot of work but once you educated yourself how to do it, it’s really quite easy. Promise has learnt that she gets big cuddle time while she’s being emptied. It creates an amazing bond for both cat and human.♥️
We very much doubt that there is a kind heart out there that will become her human.😓 But it’s truly a satisfying experience to be able to help her.😻