Přijat do azylu: 19.11.2023
Původ: nalezen v Seleticích
Váha: 1 kg


Entered shelter: 19.11.2023
Origin: found in Seletice
Weight: 1 kg

Kitten season is meant to be over but the warmer weather that mother nature endowed us with has extended it 😔 Eight lucky kittens found their way to us this week and we’d like to introduce two of them.
Samson and Saffron were found in Seletice, Nymburk. A lady put out a cry for help when she saw that one of the kittens had an abnormal tail 😭 Poor little Samson will have to have the tail removed and will have his second vet visit today to plan the surgery. Please keep Samson in your thoughts 🙏

16. 12. 2023

Little Samson update!😻
Samson is doing great. He is now very friendly and purrs a lot.
Samson was probably against the tail amputation and decided to simply let his tail fall off like a lizard.🦎😅
Once the tail is healed he can go to foster or home! If anyone can offer to foster little Samson earlier, someone who would like to nurse him back to health, please reach out to us and fill out a foster application.🙏
We can’t do what we do without you!🎁🎄😘

18. 1. 2024

Samson went to the vet as he wasn’t eating. Samson had lost his tail and we spent six weeks trying to heal it. We were successful and he was doing great. This little kitten was such a joyful soul who loved cuddles and started purring the moment he saw a human. We had no idea of what was to come 😪 New years eve he wasn’t interested in his food, new years day we took him to the vet and after many tests he was given medicine. On the Tuesday we took him back to the vet, more tests were done and all were negative. Dr Klara took him home with her so she could give him IV and monitor him. Sadly on Thursday he passed away 😭 We are awaiting results of the autopsy as we are all really confused with his rapid deterioration. 💔