Přijata do azylu: 7.3.2024
Původ: nalezena v Mnichově Hradišti
Váha: 3.7 kg


Entered shelter: 7.3.2024
Origin: From Mnichovo Hradiste
Weight: 3.7 kg

Daffodil is one of our TNR failures 😻 She is such a sweet a gentle kitty and because of this we decided that we would find her a home. Daffodil’s visit to the vet today for her vaccination ended with a rather disturbing surprise 😕 We asked the vet to check a lump that she had on her head. It wasn’t bothering her but we wanted to know what it was. Dr Tereza at Veterinární ordinace SunVet thought she had a foreign object lodged under the skin and decided to take a look.
Daffodil was amazing, she held still with no fuss at all. Imagine our surprise when a piece of plastic was pulled out 😱 A plastic pellet from a gun 😭 It blows our mind how people can be so cruel 🤬
Daffodil will return to have her stitches out in ten days and then will be ready for her new home ❤️